Speech & Language Therapy

With communication and interaction high on the agenda at Stony Dean School, our Speech and Language Therapy team form an integral part of the school. A “language rich” environment, in which therapeutic strategies supporting Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) and Literacy development are fully integrated into the whole school day.

The Speech and Language Therapy service aims to provide an evidence-based service that anticipates and responds to the needs of the pupils. By collaborating with the pupils, their families and carers, school staff and other professionals we strive to reduce the impact of identified speech, language and communication difficulties in order for them to achieve effective communication and interaction, independence and increased employability by the end of their time at the school.

Therapy is provided through Universal, Targeted and Specialist support throughout the school.

  • Universal input involves general class-based approaches to develop or maintain skills.
  • Targeted input involves class-based approaches targeted to develop their skills.
  • Specialist input involves approaches that require specialist intervention or guidance specific to the individual pupil.

All students at Stony Dean receive a Universal level of Speech and Language Intervention. This means that they have access to the following interventions, used by all teaching staff across the centre:

  • PORIC approach (ensuring that learning is relevant and in a context that is understood). Topics are taught in a personal, kinaesthetic manner to maximise learning.
  • Key word learning – Visually representing new words using images and objects to reinforce meaning. Letters and syllables identified in key words to support literacy skills.
  • Visual strategies – daily timetable, lesson schedule, task schedules all used. Symbols, images and objects used to support understanding.
  • Staff training on strategies to support attention, sensory needs and handwriting.

All students at Stony Dean also have access to Universal level Speech and Language Therapy input through:

  • Speech and Language Therapist in attendance at Annual Reviews.
  • Personalised Speech and Language Therapy target-setting, monitoring and report writing.