Life at Stony Dean School

The School Day

Our school day is divided into 6 teaching periods; four in the morning and two in the afternoon. The day begins with registration in pastoral groups. There is a mid-morning break and lunch break. In the afternoon we meet again for registration and a pastoral session or assembly.

Each school day begins at 08:50am and finishes at 3.20pm

Lessons are 45 minutes.

8.50-9.10 Transport arrives and drops off pupils

08:50-9:20 Morning Registration

9:20-10:05 Lesson 1

10:05-10:50 Lesson 2

10:50-11:10 Break

11:10-11:50 Lesson 3

11:50-12:35 Lesson 4

12:35-1:35 Lunch

1:35-2:20 Lesson 5 

2:20-3:05 Lesson 6

3:05 – 3:20 Afternoon registration/GOAL

3:20 –  Transport home


The curriculum for Years 7, 8, and 9 (Key Stage 3) covers similar areas. Within Years 10 & 11 (Key Stage 4) and Post-16, the focus changes in preparation for pupils’ destinations on leaving Stony Dean.

Break/Lunch Times and Clubs

Our kitchen provides a healthy and nutritious meal at lunchtimes. Menus may be viewed on the portal, and students will order meals through the parent mail app/website.

Lunchtimes are busy with a range of clubs and activities being offered around the two lunch sittings. These include ICT Club, Sports Hall, MUGA, Dr Who, Music and Drama Club and Playground. After school there are clubs such as Boxing which take place every Monday.