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We are very proud of our 6th Form, which gives students the opportunity to continue their education in a school setting until the age of eighteen. The sixth form has a suite of classrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, student common room and an ICT suite with 8 work stations.


The aim of the Sixth form

SDS Sixth form aims to support students in their transition to adulthood, while recognising the need to prepare for whichever next step they wish to take when they leave us. This may be a college or vocational course, apprenticeship or traineeship, or the world of work.  Preparation for their next steps focuses on the areas of employability, independence, well-being and community spirit.

The department creates opportunities to gain employability through assisted, tailor made work placements alongside high quality vocational courses. We have clearly defined pathways offering suitable, industry recognised qualifications and courses emphasising practical skills. The teaching of effective and appropriate communication skills in a variety of formal and less formal, individual and group situations, and mediums is driven throughout all classes.

The courses that we offer include the Achieve programme offered by The Prince’s Trust, which aims at Personal Development and Employability through units such as Enterprise, Money Management, Work Placement Preparation and Digital and Presentation Skills. We also run a range of BTEC courses dependent on the pathway the student is on, including Vocational Studies and Work skills. Students also study required courses in English and Mathematics.

Every chance is provided for students to learn how to live as independently as possible. This encompasses every aspect of the daily routine, including personal hygiene, shopping, food preparation, travelling safely, managing their own money and other similar life skills. Such skills are learnt both through specific lessons such as Travel Training and Food Technology, and through general day to day Sixth Form life, where staff encourage independence at every stage.

The students’ well-being is of paramount importance within the department. As such, awareness of the emotional and mental health needs of the students is promoted and access to appropriate resources, therapies and support, both within school and from external providers. Links with other schools through shared lessons and events occur regularly in order to help improve students’ confidence, self-esteem and aid their social development, along with unique trips and experiences as part of a reward and enrichment system.

The importance of community spirit is emphasised greatly while students are in the Sixth Form. Through activities such as organised local volunteering, participation in community events, gaining knowledge of local services and areas along with taking responsibility for operational aspects of school life, students see the value in where they live, work or study. This helps students develop a stronger social responsibility to take forward with them into adulthood.

If you have any questions or queries regarding Sixth Form please contact , Sixth Form lead.