Outstanding Specialist School

Stony Dean is a specialist communication and interaction college for children aged 11 - 18 with a wide range of special educational needs and disabilities. We're proud to have retained our 'Outstanding' Ofsted grading in 2019.



We aim to enable all students to be effective communicators, to engage in meaningful learning and be empowered to positively influence their world.



We enable pupils to gain the necessary skills to be as independent as they can possibly be. This is achieved through travel training, emotional regulation, food technology and daily living skills.



We enable pupils to experience the practical application of their learning and to gain the skills necessary to achieve employability.


Speech and language therapy

Speech and language therapy form an integral part of the school. A “language rich” environment, in which therapeutic strategies supporting Speech, Language and Communication Needs are fully integrated into the school day.


Personalised Learning

We can offer bespoke and personalised curriculums to help nurture our core values through activities such as Bush craft, Work Experience, Flexi Schooling, Personal Training, Sports Coaching, Music Therapy and Bouldering.


Working to Inspire

We have some amazing pupils in our school. It is an enormous privilege to work alongside them as they make the journey following the transition from primary school all the way to adulthood.


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A message from the Head

Thank you for taking the time to look at the Stony Dean School Website. We hope you will find the information and opportunities within the site both useful and exciting. It has been designed to give all stakeholders access to the information they may require. Its primary function is to give parents all the information they need about the school, values, organisations and policies that underpin a successful education.

The school’s curriculum has been designed to comply with national expectations and best practice from across the country. With these considerations, the school has three main priorities that underpin the drive and values of the school:

  • Achieving effective communication and interaction
  • Achieving independence
  • Achieving employability

The students who attend Stony Dean come from across the south of Buckinghamshire and occasionally from neighbouring authorities. The large majority of students live in the geographical area of Buckinghamshire, but applications from other authorities are made.  All applications made to the school need to go via Buckinghamshire Council SEN team. All Students at Stony Dean School have an Educational Health and Care plan.
Neil Strain

Head Teacher

Views from the school

“I like Stony Dean because it helps me learn and it is fun. I have enjoyed making new friends, having help when it is lesson time and on the playground. In lesson there is less students in each class to keep it quiet. We can work and they have areas where you can go and have fun or and a quiet place to be calm. That is why I like this school.”


“No day is the same and it is a real joy watching these young people take part in activities that allow them to develop and progress. Being able to combine the alternative curriculum activities and a learning environment that matches the individual profile of the pupil has been the key in helping our pupils thrive. Being able to do all this is down to our amazing staff team/family, that’s how it feels for me anyway☺.”


“I like coming to Stony Dean because the teachers are lovely, friendly and understanding. I have really enjoyed talking to members of staff about my problems and concerns, this makes me happy.”


“I like Stony Dean because I can relate to all of my mates and their difficulties. I also like it because I have good friends and I also like the support from staff.”


"I look forward to coming to school every day as every day is different. Our pupils are our best teachers; I learn something new every day.”


"I like it at Stony Dean school because staff always have time to listen. The proudest moment I had was when I became a mentor. I get to meet really nice people.”


“I feel truly privileged to work at SDS. Not only do I get to teach and interact with the next generation of young people, but I have been able to train, learn and grow beside them. I really believe I have the best job in the world - and it's our students and staff that make Stony Dean brilliant.”


“What's great about this school is the flexibility we have in being able to provide valuable experiences and exciting opportunities to all as part of students' personalised timetables. Every activity, lesson, conversation, discussion or meeting you have with a student makes a difference to them, and helps enable them to reach their potential and put them a pathway to success, in whatever form that is for them.”


“I get a lot of support from staff which really helps me; I can talk to them about anything. I like the independence we have in Sixth Form, and think this prepares us for the future. I really like our Careers lessons too.”


"Stony Dean has been a game-changer for our son’s academic, social and mental wellbeing. For the first time his is school life, he looks forward to the school day. The experienced team genuinely have the students’ best interests at heart."


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