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Welcome to Stony Dean School’s website

Thank you for taking the time to look at the Stony Dean School Website. We hope you will find the information and opportunities within the site both useful and exciting. It has been designed to give any stakeholders access to the information they may require. Its primary function is to give parents all the information they need about the school, values, organisations and policy’s that underpin a successful education.

The school’s curriculum has been designed to comply with national expectations and best practice from across the country. With these considerations, the school has three main priorities that underpin the drive and values of the school:

  • Achieving effective communication and interaction
  • Achieving independence
  • Achieving employability

The students who attend Stony Dean come from across the south of Buckinghamshire and occasionally from neighbouring authorities. The large majority of students live in the geographical area of Buckinghamshire, but applications from other authorities are made.  All applications made to the school need to go via Buckinghamshire Council SEN team. All Students at Stony Dean School have an Educational Health and Care plan.

We offer our students a calm and productive learning environment where the staff seek to maximise the potential of every student and to take advantage of every learning opportunity. The school delivers a range of interventions to help pupils achieve both academically and socially. The school is consistently successful in achieving appropriate Post 18 placements for students in either FE Colleges or employment with training. Many of these FE places will be on a “mainstream” college course as our students will have met the entry requirements and will have the self-confidence as independent learners to participate fully in the adult world.

The external accreditation outcomes for Year 10,11,12 & 13 are personalised and offer a rich diverse set of qualifications that are appropriate to enable our pupils to develop a diverse set of skills for life.  We now offer our students functional skills, BTECs Princess Trust or equivalent courses, Entry Level Certificates and a variety of other qualifications.  Each student will have a different pathway depending upon their journey and curriculum diet.

The school has developed its vocational and Skills for Life courses and also has positive links with a range of external providers. The school offers a wide range of experiences both inside and outside of the school. The students are frequently involved in trips, visits, external speakers etc.

Work Related Learning is on the timetable for all students and this is the vehicle we use to enable them to experience the practical application of their learning and to gain the skills necessary to achieve employability.

Our beliefs and philosophies of teaching and learning are underpinned by the values of collaborative practice. As a school our therapists and teachers work together to ensure that students have the best possible experience at the school. Strategies and interventions are researched based and targeted to support the needs of the students.  We believe that every child can succeed and we have tailored our curriculum to develop their literacy, employability and independent living skills.

Stony Dean Students are lively, thoughtful and always ready to participate in a wide range of curriculum and extra-curricular activities. They are a remarkable group of young people and it is an enormous privilege to work alongside them as they make the journey following the transition from primary school all the way to adulthood.

Neil Strain

Head Teacher