The School Council comprises of seven students, one from each year group. The council is responsible for overseeing particular projects and providing extended leadership to the school.

Pupils are given a responsibility and a focus around the school. This focus is set by the school and representatives work with their peers from all years and staff to implement new strategies and ideas.

Key responsibilities include;

  • Positive Behaviour and how it is awarded around the school to different year groups.
  • Online Safety.
  • Bullying
  • School Menu and Trips
  • Sports, mentoring and break and lunchtime clubs.
  • Alternative Curriculum and Lessons.

The student council is an integral part of how the school is run and how pupil’s voices are heard. We are very proud of our school council and the core values they uphold. School council representatives are role models for our other pupils.

Although in its infancy, the school council has made some major changes to the school and we look forward to seeing what out fantastic group of young men can do. This has included;

  • Updating the positive behaviour system and the items can purchase with h their ICE/PEBLE points.
  • Organising a fun run to raise money to buy water bottles. This is to reduce our plastic consumption as a school and help the environment.
  • New and exciting break and lunch time clubs.
  • Online safety resources and advice ‘RBR’ (Record it, Block it, Report it)
  • The building of a putting green and driving bays for pupils who do not like team sports.

Elections for the School Council team are held in the autumn term via an electoral campaign and a secret ballot. The team meet on a half termly basis and works to an agenda drawn up by themselves and the member of staff responsible for facilitating the School Council. Pupils then propose ideas and initiatives to Mr Strain and other members of staff. If you would like to become involved in having yours and your peer’s voice heard, please speak to your representative, or Mr Boardman.  We would love to hear from you!