The Mathematics Department aims to improve the levels of attainment and progress in all aspects of Mathematics for all students of differing needs and abilities through:

  • providing a relevant and hands-on curriculum which motivates all students and that reflects the use of mathematics in everyday life
  • ensuring high quality teaching through regular training and monitoring and reviewing practice
  • using  practical resources that supports all students learning so that they can move from concrete thinking to abstract thinking as appropriate
  • providing specific interventions for groups of students with particular needs
  • supporting students to become independent learners who take ownership of their own learning and know what qualifications they are working towards
  • setting realistic but challenging progress targets at the individual and collective level
  • promoting a positive and can do attitude towards mathematics by all members of the school community.


Pupils enter Stony Dean with different levels of mathematical experience, skills and mathematical knowledge.  Following initial assessment in Year 7, pupils will follow an appropriate maths curriculum that will enable them to progress and succeed in this subject. Lessons are differentiated as necessary with regard to the ability of each and every pupil through a range of strategies including using resources to enable pupils to access new concepts, differing lengths of time to complete tasks and support given by teachers and support staff.

Pupils’ progress is carefully monitored and if necessary extra maths support will be given in addition to their weekly maths lessons.

Mathematics is divided into the following key areas for all year groups:

Using and Applying

Number and Algebra

Geometry and Measure

Data Handling and Probability.

KS3 pupils (Year 7, 8 and 9) practice mathematical language and basic number work through practical sessions, access to a variety of computer programmes, printed text and discussions.  Problem solving together with oral and mental work is an integral part of all mathematic lessons.

All Key Stage 4 pupils follow a mathematics programme of study leading towards achieving at least one qualification that builds upon the teaching learning of previous years. We offer a range of qualifications from Entry Level Maths to GCSE Mathematics.

Key Stage 5 pupils continue having maths lessons and are provided with further opportunities to achieve qualifications in mathematics.

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