Mathematics Additional Learning (MAL) is what we call homework. At Stony such we provide different opportunities to complete additional learning in school as well as at home. By doing so we aim to encourage our pupils to take responsibility for organising their own time to complete additional learning.

The Mathematics Department gives MAL on a regular basis in order to reinforce and consolidate learning that has taken place in the classroom. It is often pitched at a slightly lower level than the work that has been undertaken in class.

If your child should have any difficulties with any MAL set, please encourage them to speak to their maths teacher before it is due to be handed in.


All groups receive at least one piece of MAL a week.

MAL is not set during the holidays. The only exception to this is, if pupils in Year 10 or Year 11 are taking an exam shortly after the holiday period.


To encourage our KS3 pupils to complete their Maths Additional Learning at the end of each half-term we award the following certificates:

Bronze Certificate – if all but two pieces of AL have been handed in

Silver Certificate – if all but one piece of AL has been handed in

Gold Certificate – if all pieces of AL have been handed in.

Platinum Certificate plus a prize – all pieces of AL need to have been handed in over the academic year.

MAL Timetable

Please see the document below that outlines the current MAL timetable.

Maths Additional Learning