At Stony Dean we pride ourselves in providing our pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum and GOAL, that is Getting On At Learning, is one of the ways in which we achieve this.

GOAL is very much about supporting our pupils for L.I.F.E. after school, that is:

          L IVING       


          F UNTIONING

          E FFECTIVELY

and is based upon achieving the following for our pupils:

  • effective communication and interaction
  • employability

GOAL – takes place every day from 1.35pm to 2.00pm and is delivered by form tutors and support staff.  It is made up of a wide range of activities that incorporate many of the subjects that are taught at Stony Dean as well as activities that are specifically aimed to:

  • develop strong and positive relationships with their form tutor and peers
  • support the development of social skills
  • develop strategies to deal with anxiety
  • prepare for exams
  • develop an awareness of the wider community locally, nationally and internationally
  • prepare for independent living
  • prepare for gaining employment.

GOAL activities are carefully thought out and developed by form tutors and support staff to meet the needs of their particular form group. As such, each GOAL lesson is unique to every form but it also has the flexibility to be changed to respond to issues as they arise.