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Regular review involving staff and pupils.

Reading Videos

How to be a good reader:

Additional Learning Videos

Video for parents about reading and reading aloud:

Tips for hearing your child read:

Learning letters and words:

The National Literacy Trust parent page:

A parent resource webpage – sign up needed.  Some resources are free, there is a cost for full access:$ja=kw:English+for+parents|cgn:Parents|cgid:6026228521|tsid:48392|cn:_G_English_General|cid:70729561|lid:54008348401|mt:Broad|nw:search|crid:30578887201|dvc:c|adp:2t2&gclid=CIz4w-uIrrwCFYYBwwodTXkAkw

A literacy page for parents.  Sign up is free as are many resources.  There is a cost of £9.99 for access to all worksheets:

Other websites that are useful: