What is it?
Supported internship is a model that has been developed to enable students to develop workplace and personal skills. Students are given the opportunity to work on a regularly basis with employers and business mentors.

Where does it take place?
Students are taken once a week to work for the Entertainer, Thrift Farm, Great Missenden Abbey Walled Garden and Restore Hope Latimer with a business mentor from school.

What work to they carry out?
While at either placement they carry out a variety of work. They rotate around different departments and carry out duties that would be expected from an average

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How do you know it’s successful?

In the Entertainer they work in the shop, marketing, human resources, reception and the warehouse. At Restore hope they work on a variety of projects based on their own model of internships where students work with local support groups carrying out a variety of tasks.

Students are assessed against the PSD curriculum in terms of personal development. Student’s behaviour across school has improved in terms of behaviour points. Students have feedback in Annual reviews about their enjoyment and success. Reports have been compiled on their conduct and success as well which are shared with the pupils.

What support do they get?
They get support for their development from our school work coaches and direct from the businesses involved in the project. SALT teams have been and made assessment and recommendations on how to improve student performance.

How are the students assessed?
Students are assessed using AQA unit awards that are linked to the learning that takes places at work. Also they are assessed using the PSD curriculum at the end of the year.

The business Internship program is designed to support learners preparation for work. Students will work at a variety of different business supported by a Work place mentor.

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