Art and Design at Stony Dean School is about learning to be creative, releasing our imagination and exploring new techniques and materials in a safe, fun and structured way.

In year 7 we begin by introducing students to sketch books, how to talk about art work constructively and how to implement our own ideas.  We use a variety of materials including incorporating sculptural and 2D mediums on which a foundation is created.

As students progress through KS3 we build on the previous year’s experiences, taking into account how well the students have progressed and modifying the projects to suit all students. We also explore and study artists and art from other cultures to expand and enrich our knowledge and understanding of the world around us. Some of the projects include artist inspired: ceramic fruit faces;  exotic bird painting and collage and colourful ink urban landscapes.

Students are guided through projects which focus on learning through experimentation; this supports the development of both practical and critical responses to the work of others, including craft workers, artists and designers. It also recognises the importance of intuitive ways of working and promotes a visual vocabulary.

Many students find that by studying art and design they are able to express and convey their own ideas and interests which can be integrated into most project work.