Additional Learning

Additional Learning also known as AL is work that is given to our pupils in addition to what has been undertaken in classroom. It is given to reinforce learning that has already taken place.

In order to support our pupils in developing independence and being able to prioritise their time, they have several options to choose from to complete AL which are:

  • at home
  • during AL clubs that run every lunch hour
  • during a dedicated AL session during GOAL
  • a combination of the above.

Additional Learning is:

  • given out during lesson time so that it can discussed with pupils
  • logged in their Pupil Planner with completion dates.

Additional Learning is set by the following subjects:

Subject Frequency
English Once a week.
Maths Once a week.
Science Once a week.

For further information regarding when AL is set for please check on the school website for each specific subject.

We ask parents and carers to check your child’s planner to ensure that they remember to complete their Additional Learning and hand it in on time.

If you have any queries or concerns about the additional learning being set for your child please contact your child’s subject teacher via their Pupil Planner.

Our Additional Learning structure and policy is currently up for review.