The school organises a range of visits in support of the curriculum. These might include a trip to a church, mosque, art gallery or to see the effects of erosion on a river bed. Other out-of-school activities might include sports activities like the weekly swimming for Year 7, matches against other schools and sessions at Green Park for Year 11 exploring sports like archery and rock-climbing.

Developing life skills might involve travel training or work-related learning might involve a visit to a local business.

Theme Days take place throughout the year and these may incorporate a related visit

Camping is an annual event which is available to pupils from Year 9 upwards and the Sixth Form undertake an overnight expedition as part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

During the last days of the summer term, the school participates in Activity Days which currently include the Year 7 pupils spending two days at the Hillingdon Outdoor Activity Centre and usually include some off-site visits/activities for the other pupils

Parents are notified of these trips as far in advance as possible and written permission is required.

The school wishes to include as many pupils as possible in these activities because they are all a very valuable extension of the curriculum and personal; development work we undertake with pupils. From time-to-time, it may be necessary to carry out a risk assessment to determine whether or not a particular activity is appropriate for a pupil. The school’s decision in this case will be final but every effort is made to engage with parents in ensuring that pupils have every chance to participate in as broad a range of activities as possible.

Many of the activities outlined above will be at no cost to parents and carers. Any charges for activities will be in line with the Charging Policy of the school’s Governing Body and the school actively seeks to keep costs to a minimum. Any parent who experiences difficulty with the financial costs of any activity is encouraged to discuss this with the Headteacher.

EDUCATIONAL VISITS  POLICY – click here to download


Annual Consent form – Local Visits
Annual Consent form – School Visits