Stony Dean School Science department 2017

The science department endeavour to make all lessons fun and engaging for all students. Our aim is to use the science curriculum to help students develop skills that can be used in different forms of employment or further education, as well as develop their independence.

Each year has a curriculum that links to employability, functional skills and real –life scenarios to help students develop their understanding and skills ready for the next step of education.

Types of skills:

The key stage 3 and key stage 4 curriculums give numerous opportunities to link with ‘real-life’ situations and develop life skills.

Some examples of skills and knowledge the students will learn are as follows;

  • Language and communication – students will increase their vocabulary and use some key words, they will also practice presenting  projects or ideas which will help build their confidence
  • Thinking skills – students will have to make decisions and describe the reason for their decisions
  • Social skills – students will work with different people, including other students and staff
  • Health and safety of chemicals, cooking, prevention of illness, hygiene
  • Measuring and numerical skills – within experiments and recording of results
  • Plants – growing and use
  • Pollution – causes and how to reduce it
  • Materials – properties and uses



KS4 students are entered for the New AQA Entry Level Certificate (5960), which is completed at the end of year 11. AQA ELC includes 6 different topics related to chemistry, physics and biology. Each topic has coursework and short end of topic exam that is completed within the classroom. Students can achieve single or double award for the entry level.


Some students will also be entered for the AQA GCSE Combined Science Synergy (8465) course, with their exams taking place at the end of year 11. AQA GCSE includes 4 exams at the end of year 11.


For specifications and schemes of work please visit, and click on the link with the corresponding exams codes.

The future as independent thinkers; making their own choices and taking responsibility



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