The PSHCEE curriculum is designed to build our students’ confidence and improve their health and wellbeing. It covers bullying, friendship, respect, equality, emotions, health and hygiene, puberty and sex and relationship education, drugs, alcohol, smoking, staying safe, rights and responsibilities, the law, government, poverty and money management. The curriculum is age and level appropriate for our students. See individual year group curriculum overviews for further details.


The Assessment Process uses PIVATS and focuses on three main life skill areas: attention, interaction and organisation.

For each of these areas the students will have a number score from 1-16 (16 being the highest) and a letter score: e,d,c,b,a (e is the lowest and a is the highest in the level).

E.g. Attention 7c means they are half way through level 7 for attention skills.

Sex and Relationship Education Policy

Rights Respecting Schools

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