Key Stage 5 Results, Retention and Destinations

Year 12 (2015-16)


Qualification Pass Rate Average Grade Progress
GCSE Mathematics 100% D

All pupils have made at least expected progress and will be working towards further qualifications in Year 13.

Examinations offered vary year on year depending on the individual needs of each cohort.

Functional Maths Level 1 100% Pass
Functional Maths Skills Entry Level E3 100% Pass
Functional Maths Skills Entry Level E2 100% Pass


At Stony Dean we offer a range of pathways to access English qualifications at KS5. Courses currently on offer are Functional Skills at Entry Level 1-3, Functional Skills Level 1 and GCSE English Literature. All KS5 pupils entered for qualifications in 2016 passed.

Functional Skills Results

EL1 0%
EL2 31%
EL3 29%
Level 1 31%
Level 2 9%
Overall pass rate 100%

Courses differ year to year depending on the most appropriate forms of assessment as well as the ability of the pupil and their individual needs. For example, some courses are available for assessment a regular intervals throughout the year while others are allotted a single exam date after two years. More than qualifications however, we aim to motivate, challenge and engage pupils to use their skills and knowledge to learn as independently as possible as well as organising their time.

Student Retention (2015-16)

92% of students continued their education at Stony Dean in the Sixth Form


Sixth Form Retention Figures (2013-2017)

YEAR NO OF PUPILS YEAR 12 No of pupils Year 11 Previous Year) Retention figure % No of New Students Total No Sixth Form
2016 – 17 14 13 12 92% 2 46
2015 – 16 31 31 31 100% 3 42
2014 – 15 24 28 7 82% 47
2013 – 14 23 29 6 80% 1 35

Student Destinations

100% of students continued to further education, training or employment after leaving Stony Dean.

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