Food Technology


Food Technology

Students follow a compulsory element of the curriculum at Key Stage 3, learning various skills from Health and Safety, Knife skills to pastry and meat skills.

Yr7 Overview – ‘First Steps’
This is a module designed to introduce pupils to the working kitchen environment, basic equipment and H&S awareness. Pupils are given the opportunity to use new skills through investigation and evaluation of simple dishes. Pupils are also encouraged to form opinions about their own and others’ efforts and achievements.
This module is designed to extend pupils basic knowledge of previously learned skills and awareness of H&S to further improve their design and making techniques based on a healthy eating programme                                                                                                        
This programme of work is divided into three projects relating to Cereals, Wheat and Bread Production, Fats in the Diet and Fibre in the Diet. Pupils are given opportunities to research food production from original sources to the plate, design and make dishes relating to the topics including investigation, disassembly and evaluation activities


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