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We take e-safety very seriously at Stony Dean School and your child has already gone through the topic very thoroughly in her ICT and PSCHE lessons throughout their time here. Your pupils e-safety capabilities will be increased through the learning of a wide range of topics including cyber bullying, safe social networking, a young person’s digital footprint, geolocation, online friendship, illegal downloading, sexting, age ratings and online grooming.

The Internet, whether accessed from a computer, mobile phone or other device, has become embedded within modern family life. It is used to buy and sell goods, online banking, find information and socialising. It can also have a darker side with cyber crime, inappropriate material and illegal activity taking place online effecting both adults and children. E-Safety is concerned with the safeguarding of young people in the “digital” world and ensuring they feel safe when accessing new technology.

The school takes E-Safety very seriously and policies and procedures are regularly reviewed to take account of developments within this fast-changing area.

If you would like to report anything please use the ‘report abuse’ button at the top of this page, which will navigate you to the CEOP website or if you would like to report anything direct to the school please use the ‘report button’.

If you would like to look at our E-Safety policy and how to guides please click the links below.





Stony Dean School E-safety policy




Internet-Safety Protocol


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