Anti Bulling Policy – Information for Parents

Stony Dean’s

Anti-bullying policy…..



Bullying is unacceptable behaviour. It happens in all schools and many young people are regrettably involved at some time. It is not just physical violence but involves many sorts of behaviour including intimidation, teasing, name-calling and isolation of another, usually carried out over a period of time.


The staff and governors of Stony Dean aim to create an environment in which everyone feels safe and where condemnation of bullying is an integral part of the school ethos. Sanctions will be applied as appropriate and those involved will all be supported in resolving the situation.





The school is committed to reducing bullying through a range of preventative approaches:


  • In Personal and Social Education (PSHCEE), tutor groups and School Voice discussions
  • The use of the ‘circle of friends’ approach to class members experiencing difficulty either as a bully or victim
  • Group work and role play across the curriculum promoting awareness and valuing difference
  • Counselling in order to promote a sense of self-worth
  • Consistent reinforcement of the need to both build and maintain positive relationships.



Governors met with members of the School Voice to learn their views of the school’s anti-bullying policy. We heard that pupils know who to talk to if they are bullied or if they see someone else being bullied.


……..and how parents can help us


If your child reports being bullied:

  • Talk calmly with your child about the experience
  • Make a note of what the child says
  • Reassure your child that it was the right thing to tell you about it



  • Encourage your child to talk to their tutor
  • Contact the school and explain the problems your child is experiencing
  • Stay calm – do not encourage your child to hit back.



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